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 "A pipeline to eligibility"

On a trip to San Francisco in 2019, one of India's foremost experts on social impact and philanthropy was asked by a student what could be done to help support the countless small, local NGOs across India.

 Her reply:

"What they need is a pipeline to eligibility."

What makes an NGO Eligible?

How can an NGO become eligible?

What makes an NGO ineligible?

What does it mean to be eligible?

How is eligibility defined?

Who defines eligibility in the first place?

And most importantly... 

Why are nearly 1.8 million NGOs unable to participate in formal funding?


We've been looking for answers since 2019 and think we have come up with something.

Something transformational...

We aren't the only ones.


Is this issue important to you too?

Please reach out. 

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