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 After encountering a tribal population in rural Rajasthan, NilaSamir was moved to do more. He founded the Veerbaba Janakalyan Society to improve the social and economic development of some of the poorest communities in his region.  He and his volunteers teach local farmers how to improve yield and earn more with organic crops. They work to improve the accessibility and quality of local education for tribal youth, and provide extra vegetables and grains for those most in need. Only in operation for 2 years, they facilitate programs for child rights,  women's empowerment, and tribal development. Because he previously worked as an engineer, NilaSamir has it easier than most. He has a laptop to work on and because of his education he is able to navigate the system and applies for grants regularly. The time and effort he puts in takes him away from his work in the community and his applications are r


We think every hero of social impact should have the information they need to do more good.

Our aim is to use technology, including applied AI and speech technology, to make transparency possible for every nonprofit with a smartphone.

Giving donors the confidence they need to give locally and globally could help improve outcomes where the need is greatest.

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