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DaanMatch wants every hero of social impact to have the information they need to do more good.

Our aim is to use technology, including applied AI and speech technology, to make transparency possible for every nonprofit with a smartphone.

Giving donors the confidence they need to give locally and globally could help improve outcomes where the need is greatest.

Impact Leaders, Social Visionaries, and Global Changemakers
are found in every country, every state, every ward, and every village.

We believe advanced technologies should benefit everyone.

We have a big vision, but we're starting small... 

Our pilot project endeavors to "prove the case" for 100 local NGOs in India using the information they collect and submit using our mobile app over 100 days.


Active NGOs operating in India per

2015 National Report on Nonprofits in India


Of those, 700K were found to be keeping records sufficiently to have "Traceable Accounts"


Indian nonprofits registered with the Income Tax Department as of 2018


NGODarpan website as of 9/10/2022

Self-registration is mandatory for any organization seeking funding from GoI as well as Indian CSR 


Unique Indian NGOs in our database. 
Every legitimate nonprofit should be able to show their work, tell their story, prove their case for support, make donors proud, donate the data to improve global development, and do more good.

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