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March 2022

Proof of concept  - Proved it.

Data pipeline - activated!
DaanMatch will be present once again at the CSR Summit in Delhi this November to interview CSR practitioners about their process, their successes, and the problems they continue to face.
We're continuing our project and will also be set up to screen NGOs for a pilot project, starting in December. 

February 22 


Improving access to information

The map was initially only available to desktop users, which limited access to the information needed by users on the ground.

We have partnered with GISCorps and volunteer Jarrett Livesey to make our map available to anyone with a smartphone.

See it HERE


April - June 2021

Resource Allocation

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April 2020

Covid-Relief App

After connecting with Chirag Mediratta,the developer of the wonderful Delhi based Covid-Relief, we recruited a team of international volunteers intending to scale the resource app to include our pan India data. The team included Teja Srivastava. The effort was supported by ServiceNow. 

April 2020

Indian NGO Map

Justin Wong plotted our database of over 140,000 Indian NGOs and made previously unavailable information online for public use.


March 2020

Bihar Hunger Project

Our first initiative was to survey NGOs in Bihar to find where people could find food.

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