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We recognize you!
You're all about helping...

☑️ You think more could be done with philanthropic funding
You're in the right place.
We agree. We're working on a plan to reduce waste and direct funds to those who do the work, instead of those who only talk about it.

☑️You rage against inequity and want to contribute to global development

Imagine if support was available where it could make the most difference for those most in need. If we can localise the SDGs, everyone will thrive.

☑️You want to be a part of something important
Ground floor. Right here.
It's worth a conversation, right?

You wanna change the world?
Us too.
Let's hang out.

We'd like to get all the helpers in a big room and figure out how we can work together to make all our dreams a reality.

How does that work for you? Let's collaborate.

We believe that leaders, visionaries, and changemakers are found in every state, every block, every village, and every ward. And we believe advances in technology should benefit everyone.

Let's knock down the barriers to helping. 
What do you want to do?

Like the idea of everyone doing more good with less money?

Fill out the form!!! We're waiting for you!

Thanks for submitting!

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