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It's hard to know the right way to go.

You want to help, but who can you trust?

Whether it's 5 lakhs or 5 crores, a successful partnership starts with trust and alignment.

We believe that objective evidence is better than narratives. With more information, you can make better decisions, you'll breathe easier, feel more contented - and do more good.

You have funding philosophy - or -
maybe you need more information?

We can match and evaluate from our database of 170K NGOs based on multiple criteria.

You want to avoid fraudsters and make more impact.

Reports are based on EVIDENCE. Needs stem from the community.


"Trust starts with the truth, and ends with the truth."

- Santosh Kalwars


Tired of not knowing? Would you like to be sure?
Join our Beta test as a donor and DaanMatch will work with you to create custom reporting and monitoring to suit,

Help us transform trust in global development.

Can you be too sure?

We're testing our concept and would be glad for the opportunity to test on your established partners

Please reach out to learn more.

Thanks for submitting!

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