Parallel Lines


"Trust starts with the truth, and ends with the truth."

- Santosh Kalwars


We want to be your source of truth for finding aligned Nonprofits and NGOs.

All About You

You want to help, but you don't know whom to trust

Okay, you have $5 to donate. Or $5 million. It all starts with this. We believe that by seeing the evidence of nonprofits' good works, you'll have what you need to make that decision.

You have an idea of what kind of help you want to fund

Or not. Our matching platform ​lets you filter our database of nonprofits and NGOs based on multiple criteria.

You want to avoid fraudsters and fakers

I mean, who doesn't? Our recommendations are based on EVIDENCE. Verifiable evidence.

Let's Make It Happen!

How can we reach you?

Once our proof of concept is done, we'll be onboarding Nonprofits and NGOs left and right.

Our contact info is below. We'll keep you up to date for when the matching platform is ready for you.


Parallel Lines