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We love NGOs!

We are currently onboarding a limited number of NGOs for our proof of concept starting in January 2023

If you are a nonprofit in India that needs a way to stand out from the crowd, we'd love to have you join us.

If you are interested in learning more, please connect with us using our contact form at the bottom of this page.



Quick and easy data collection and management

Evidence of your organization's work is auditable and available to share.

Soon to be available in multiple languages

Works on the smartphone you already have.

After 30 days:

Personalized, expanded profile page.

Social media assistance.

After 60 days:

Help producing a short video

After 90 days:

Introductions to donors as permitted by law.
Free services for 6 months for active users.

* Export your data if you decide to leave our program.

All About You:
Criteria for the first round

☑️ Your organisation struggles for resources and is looking for a new way to connect with donors - a way to prove your

We figure that may not exclude anyone...

☑️ You are actively working to benefit your community and can map your project to an SDG Indicator on the list HERE.
Your activities need to be regularly scheduled and can be counted on by those you are serving. You and your volunteers should be providing services or in the field daily or weekly to be considered at this time.
(If you're not eligible today, join the waitlist for March!)

☑️ You have a Smartphone and data

Yes, we're serious. If you have regular activities, a smartphone, and access to data, we think we can help you prove your case for support. Really.

+01 510-328-3788

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We can't wait to hear how you are helping!

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