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why daanmatch?
What does it mean?

In discussing the project with new people, I am often asked about the name.

We intend to work globally and most feel it is too localized. Too Indian to catch on everywhere.

I believe that Daan is imbued with rich assumptions that cannot be expressed adequately with any other word. My hope is that once you understand these assumptions, you will understand why there is no better word in any language. 


 After my first visit to India and starting the research for this project, I was introduced to Sanjay Agarwal, whose life has been dedicated to making complex accounting information easier and more accessible for donors and nonprofits alike. He has created organizations and countless documents and resources for the public good. His book, Daan and Other Giving Traditions in India is an indispensable resource for philanthropy and a researcher's delight.

Daan suits our project perfectly. 

While the rules regarding types of Daan can appear exceedingly complex, what constitutes true Daan is limited and rich. - and are universally true in philanthropy.

When the recipient is knowledgeable and wise - they are a suitable recipient.

When the donor trusts the recipient, they can give without attachment.

When they know the recipient to be good and forthright, therefore they may release control and allow the wise, trusted recipient to do what they know to be the best course of action.

If we allow local NGOs to show their wisdom - to allow the donors to see the recipients are good and forthright, we believe we can localize funding, localize the SDGs, and reduce inequity with solid data.

We hope you'll join us.

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