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A few resources I found particularly useful:


How to evaluate startup ideas: 

Don't move forward if you can't bounce it off this thing.

2019 Kevin Hale


2012 Jared Friedman


ENGIN 183B - Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship with Gigi Wang #AGENCY

Yes, you can.


ENGIN 183E - Technology Entrepreneurship with Naeem Zafar #TRUTH

Professor Zafar has written several books that I recommend plus other resources:

He is 100% no bullshit.

Berkeley iCorps

If it doesn't pass the user interviews, you have to listen.


Startup Law Initiative and the UC Berkeley ecosystem.







StEP, Citris Foundry, Skydeck,,




Y Combinator Startup School


Morrison and Foerster - Sue MacCormac to sign up for ScaleUp Speaker Series


Steve Blank


The Startup Checklist - David Rose


Change by Design - Tim Brown


SCRIBD - 60 days free -

Set your calendar to cancel on day 55!
(I will get 30 free days if you keep the service.)

A 10 day silent meditation retreat (No mandatory cost, but dana/service is expected.) that will give you the tools to address anything that needs addressing so you have the perspective you need to survive emotionally without injuring your friends and family.




Adverse Childhood Experiences(ACE)/TraumaQuiz




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