Trusted NGOs

The NGOs below have a proven history of transparency and follow-through.
We stand behind their work and their methods.


The cost of one meal out will feed 500.

 COVID-19 emergency relief

The iProbono India team works closely with local organisations and grassroots groups across the country. They are the first responders to this crisis. Our partner organisations support communities that are already living on the edge – daily wage earners, single women-headed households, people freed from bonded labour, the elderly, disabled people, and those otherwise excluded due to their caste or religion. Any savings people have are fast depleting with food prices rocketing.
Our partner organisations have reached out to us for help. These are partners who we trust, who we know are effective, ethical and frugal. Your donation will buy rice, lentils, and medical supplies.


Project UMEED

Emergency Food and Resources across Delhi

UMEED is a coalition of Grassroots NGOs - Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Basti Suraksha Manch, Qasid Foundation and Bhartiya Navdeep Samiti. 

It aims to provide emergency survival relief and food to the highly vulnerable families in New Delhi and to provide oxygen. Displaced migrants, labourers, victims of violence, homeless, elderly, disabled, children and widowed mothers. 

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Rise Against Hunger - India

Multinational Organization with 190 grassroots partners in India.

While Rise Against Hunger is not a grassroots organisation, they partner with 190 NGOs in 18 Indian states. Funding goes to areas with the greatest need.

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