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Leaders, visionaries, and change-makers inhabit every country, every state, every city, and every village, and ​​we believe that advances in technology should benefit everyone who works to make a difference. 


DaanMatch is leveraging advanced technologies, to make impact simple. We facilitate connections, transparency, and trust between donors and the social sector by verifying impact in real-time.


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What we did on our summer vacation...
(Our Covid-19 Response.)

From March through July of 2020 our business activities paused in favor of initiatives supporting ration distribution.

The projects below disseminated critical information and matched resources to needs during the first critical weeks and months of lockdown.


Indian Ration Map/Food Distribution Map Project

Mapping Relief in India
Please use the form to add points on the map.

Covid-Relief App Support

Worked with developers in Delhi to stabilize and reinforce the app to allow expansion to a pan India effort - (No longer in service)

Trusted and transparent 
NGOs in India

Validated projects that have agreed to transparent reporting.


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